2: Understanding Mainstreaming

This Chapter considers what is mainstreaming, the role of mainstreaming in the voluntary sector, why mainstreaming is useful, and how to mainstream effectively across all equalities strands and without being tokenistic. It highlights the essentials of mainstreaming and provides a range of tools for participants to utilise in their organisations.

This Chapter also highlights how easy it can be to mainstream equality and provides participants with opportunities to consider how to mainstream equality in their work and that of their organisation.

What is mainstreaming?

Why mainstream equality & human rights?

How to mainstream

Supporting Resources

Mainstreaming Matrix (PDF 15KB)

External Links:
Sally Witcher, Mainstreaming equality theories: towards a generic model of discrimination
(ESCR Seminar Paper February 2005)
Camilla Kidner and Stephen Curtis, Mainstreaming Equality Issues (SPICe Briefing August 2003)
Fiona Mackay and Kate Bilton, Learning From Experience: Lessons in Mainstreaming Equal Opportunities (Scottish Executive 2003)
Social Justice Action Note 3: Equality (Scottish Executive 2001)

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