Age Legislation

Age discrimination is prohibited in relation to employment only.   The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 (the Age Regulations) , outlawed age discrimination in employment from October 2006. They provide that an employer may not discriminate on age grounds when they recruit, select, promote, train, make redundancy decisions.

The laws on age discrimination protect people apply to every, not just younger or older people.

The Age Regulations specify that older employees have the right to request to stay on in employment after the national default retirement age (currently 65 years old) and employers have a duty to consider such requests.

The introduction of a national default retirement age (NDRA), means that:
• older workers can be asked to retire at 65 (or at a lower age if justified by the employer)
• an employer may discriminate in recruitment, selection, promotion and training due to an employees age relative to the NDRA/ 65.

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