1: Equality Key Concepts

This Chapter considers attitudes to equality, stereotypes and the concepts of equality.

We outline the key concepts in relation to equality law such as direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, victimisation, harassment etc, including the concepts relating to specific equality groups. We also look at human rights concepts such as proportionality.

The Chapter also considers how equality and equality law affects individuals, organisations and society and begins to build up the knowledge and portfolio of tools which participants can use to mainstream equality in their organisation.

The Training Programme also considered the business case for equality.

Concepts of equality

What is equality?

Discrimination v Equality

Diversity v Equality

Equality: a human right?

Human rights principles


PLEASE NOTE: the following information on legislation reflects the law prior to the Equality Act 2010.  Updates will be made in due course.  In the meantime refer to the Government Equalities Office Equality Bill 2010 website


Key Concepts in relation to equality and human rights law

Protected Grounds

Equality within your organisation

Questions to consider

Equality Responsibilities – who’s who

Governing Body Responsibilities

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