Your Action Plan

  • Lays out what you want to achieve, how you will do it, who’s responsible and when you’ll achieve it by
  • Is evidence based
  • All actions and the overall plan are SMART
  • Is regularly reviewed and updated
  • Is in a clear and accessible format including annual report

What’s in your plan?

  • Context – includes legislation, local statistics and context, partners, link to your equality policy, schemes and other documents
  • The SMART targets / actions
  • Impact assessment process including consultation & engagement
  • Feedback and complaints process
  • Monitoring process
  • Review date and reporting process

Creating your plan / actions

  • Collate your evidence
  • Analyse the evidence – what does it tell you?
  • Decide on the outcomes you need to achieve
  • Impact assessment including consultation on your ideas
  • Work out how to achieve the outcomes and how to measure it
  • Set SMART targets for each action and the plan (including prioritising)

Outputs v Outcomes

  • Output – an action which you take
  • Outcome – the result of the action

The Equality Duties are focused on outcomes that promote equality (this is more than just equality of opportunity).

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