SMART actions plans

SMART actions plans:

  • Each target is SMART
  • The whole action plan is SMART – you will need to prioritise to achieve this
  • Base your prioritisation on evidence
  • Monitor the actions and progress towards them
  • Regularly review and update the action plan
  • Relate your annual report to your action plan so you can demonstrate progress

A reminder on what SMART means:

Specific – be clear on what is the outcome you want to achieve?

Measurable – how will you know that you’ve achieved it? What evidence will you have? How will you measure success?

Achievable – is it within your power and abilities to achieve the outcome?

Realistic – can the outcome be achieved within your resources, knowledge and time?

Time related – when do you want to achieve this? (You might need to set review dates or an interim timescale for long term outcomes.)

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