6: Moving forward the agenda

This Chapter builds upon the action plans created in the previous Chapter and considers how these can be used to promote equality within an organisation.  It also considers your responsibilities in relation to the Public Sector Equality Duties.

The chapter considers how to address issues of multiple identity and discrimination.  Participants will have the opportunity to consider issues in relation to funding equality work and how equality can be used as a lever in other situations e.g. as a tool for engendering social and political change within your organisation and externally.

In the training programme this module was left flexible to address the topics which the participants were particularly concerned about. The morning session considered issues around campaigning for equality, influencing external agendas to promote or protect equality and human rights and the role of equality in funding. The afternoon session was free for participants to suggest topics. Topics include social justice, equality and human rights; professionalisation v. staying true to the grassroots; and addressing discriminatory behaviour by service users

Moving forward

Implementing the approach

The tools

The Equality Duties

Your Action Plan

SMART actions plans

Multiple identity, discrimination & conflict


Social & political change benefits

Human rights practice is a balancing act

Creating the culture

My Top Five

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