The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines consult as:


  1. seek information or advice from.
  2. seek permission or approval from.
  3. (consulting) engaged in the business of giving advice to others in the same field.

–  DERIVATIVES consultation noun consultative adjective consultee noun.
–  ORIGIN Latin consultare, from consulere ‘take counsel’.


The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines engage as:


  1. attract or involve (someone’s interest or attention).
  2. (engage in/with) participate or become involved in.
  3. chiefly Brit. employ or hire.
  4. enter into a contract to do.
  5. enter into combat with.
  6. (with reference to a part of a machine or engine) move into position so as to come into operation.

– ORIGIN originally in the sense pawn or pledge: from French engager


The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines involve as:


  1. (of a situation or event) include as a necessary part or result.
  2. cause to experience or participate in an activity or situation.

– DERIVATIVES involvement noun.
– ORIGIN originally in the senses enfold and entangle: from Latin involvere, from volvere ‘to roll’.

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