4: Consultation for equality

This chapter considers the role of consultation and involvement which are key to conducting effective mainstreaming and equality impact assessment. The chapter considers how to conduct effect consultation and involvement and when each of these approaches is appropriate.

It considers best practice in consultation and how to ensure that any consultation or involvement is inclusive. This includes reviewing the National Standards on Community Engagement.

Role of Consultation in Equality


What do we do?

Consultation and Involvement Key Questions

National Standards for Community Engagement

Organising successful, inclusive and accessible consultation

Further Resources

External Links:

DRC Guide to Accessible Events

SAIF briefings on accessibility

DWP Guide to Volunteering while on benefits (PDF)

National Standards on Community Engagement

Good Practice Guidance Consultation With Equalities Groups
by Reid – Howie Associates, Scottish Executive Central Research Unit and Equality Unit, 2002

GDA toolkit – are we being served? (PDF)

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