3: Equality Impact Assessment

This Chapter considers what is Equality Impact Assessment (EIA), the role of equality impact assessment, why organisations should do this, who is covered by EIA’s, where, when and how to conduct an effective and robust equality impact assessment.

It considers a number of EIA toolkits and approaches and how these can be implemented in voluntary organisations.

The training programme also supported participants to conduct EIA’s on policies, practices and functions of their organisation.

EIA’s – the 5 W’s

What is an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA), What should be EIA’d
Why should EIA’s be conducted
Who is covered, Who should conduct EIA’s
Where should they be conducted
When should EIA’s be conducted
How should EIA’s be conducted

EIA summary

  • Build EIAs into your existing processes e.g. policy development
  • Ongoing process / living instrument
  • Useful tool to mainstream equality

Further Resources

Ten steps of Equality Impact Assessments

External Links:

NHS Scotland Equality and Diversity Impact Assessment Toolkit (PDF 548kb)

Scottish Government Equality Impact Assessment Toolkit

Sylvia Walby, Jo Armstrong, Les Humphreys Lancaster University, A Review of equality statistics (EHRC Research Report 1, 2008)

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